NRCFA End of season events

You should be receiving a notification (email/letter) of various events for all referees.FAcourse


  • Criminal Record Checks (CRC) 14 April & 7 May
  • Whole Game System (WGS) used by the FA – 21 May
  • Fitness Tests  1 September 2014

Criminal Record Checks (CRC)

For all those referees over 16 years of age (or nearing 16) you need to do a CRC if you wish to officiate in U18 football from 1Sept 2014.

You can do this online at using your email address and the ID / password you will receive. Complete this and then attend one of the Drop In Sessions at York College (14 April  7 May), with your documents to be verified. There is no cost for this.

Whole Game System (WGS)

You can now register as a referee using the WGS at, using your FAN number and password. You can pay your £20 registration fee with this process.  If you do so before 15 May you may receive a prize donated by NRCFA.

Also Misconduct Reports will be processed using WGS and not via the emails system. Guidance can be found at and NRCFA is holding a workshops at York College on Wed 21 May, starting at 1830 hrs,  for those who wish to attend.

Fitness Tests

The York test is being held at Ryedale Huntington Stadium on Monday 1 September 2014, starting at 1830 hrs. Only those passing the test will be eligible for NRCFA Finals. Just turn up on the evening (for the run / sprints,) where Blood Pressure tests will be held by an authorised practitioner free of charge.


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