Videos and Articles from Mal Davies – 21 March 2014

Premier League appointments : Saturday 22nd March 2014

Football League appointments : Monday 17th to Wednesday 26th March 2014

Scottish League : Appointments Friday 21st to Wednesday 26th March 2014

MORAG PIRIE receives WCL quarter-final appointment

Review of last weekend’s Premier League games

DERMOT GALLAGHER : Dangerous precedent if Chelsea can pick referees

THE FA : Films urge players to tackle discrimination — three minute video

PAUL REJER : The difficulties ARs face when making offside judgments

MLS : PRO and PSRA reach collective bargaining agreement

Two referees highlight all the good work

Long-serving referee to retire after 40 years service

Respect the referees

Is time-keeping an issue in football?

AUSTRALIA : Flynn marks milestone in women’s refereeing

BRAZIL : Club punished for racially abusing the referee

ITALY : Moggi and others worked to damage the impartiality of referees

USA : Team’s hijab protest — they all wore head-scarves


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