13 Feb – Videos and Articles from Mal Davies

The FA Cup with Budweiser, Round 3 : Saturday 4th to Tuesday 7th January 2014

Football League appointments : Monday 10th to Wednesday 19th February 2014

Scottish League appointments : Saturday 15th and Sunday 17th February 2014

Reviewing Premier League referee decisions last weekend

GRAHAM POLL : Yaya Toure is let off. Craig Bellamy gets 3-match ban.

PAUL REJER : Is it an indirect free kick for offside or a direct free kick for the foul?

UEFA : What modern football wants from today’s referees — fascinating insight

UEFA : Futsal Euro Final 2014 appointments

MARC BIRKETT : Oversees Futsal final : Italy v Russia (3-1)

FIFA : Seminars for World Cup officials

FIFA Weekly’s Question this week — with readers’ replies

Proposals for better refereeing in football — Part 2

AUSTRALIA : Japanese ref to control A-league match in referee exchange

GERMANY : VERY GOOD clip for discussion : Hertha Berlin v Nuremberg (1-2) — ignore the commentary and watch a late equaliser for Hertha eventually being disallowed. But should it have been? See ‘Paul Rejer’ above for the answer in a similar MLS scenario.

ITALY : Bizarre goal celebration : head-butts dugout and gets red card

SCOTLAND : Referee Exchange Scheme in operation this weekend

SPAIN : Fan threw dog at referee — faces animal cruelty charge


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