Minutes from the 9 January Meeting

Minutes of meeting held at NHS S&S Club
On 9th Jan 2014 with 30 members and guests present.

A minute’s silence was observed in remembrance of Guy Mitchell, well known sporting stalwart.

The chairman welcomed all to the meeting wishing all the best for the new year.

Apologies were received from Mssrs, GHartley; Ham; Blakey and B Ballantyne.

Minutes of the last meeting were read with no matters arising.

Correspondence re; Futsal course, RA Draw, R Rich was read.

Membership stands at 70

Dinner 29th March, £28, names and seating required. Tickets can be purchased online.

Cricket Joe Ballantyne taking names from those interested.

Lol Cussons evening, 14th  March, names required.

Problem Corner Dave King gave scenario of; penalty kick taken, hits x bar, kicker goes to kick ball for second time, a defender pulls him back. What is the offence? Various thoughts muted around.  Decision, penalty award and caution to defender. Ball still in play and kicker had not committed an offence..

The evening’s guest Michael Ingham was in attendance. He and Graham Bradbury did a player’s forum presentation which lasted over an hour with interaction from the floor.

A.o.B. subs to the social club were due £6.00

Meeting closed at 9.25

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