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Premier League appointments : Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th December 2013

Football League appointments : Boxing Day to 1st January 2014

Scottish League appointments : Saturday 28th December to Thursday 2nd January 2014

FIFA World Cup schedule of Group matches

FIFA Club World Cup appointments: 5/6th, 3rd/4th and the Final

FIFA : Strategic Committee supports GLT

BLATTER : Vanishing spray to be used in 2014 FIFA World Cup finals

PAUL REJER : Discusses a goal that was disallowed for offside but should have stood

WENGER wants refereeing consistency

AFC 60-minute campaign

Offside explained USSF

Referee’s testicular cancer

BULGARIA : Fan hunger strike against poor referee

RUSSIA : Player six-match ban for spitting at referee

SPAIN : Sevilla President jailed 7 years over corruption

25 most memorable matches of 2013

EDDIE IZZARD with the You Are The Ref strip link at foot of article


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