Notes from the FA Referees’ Committee – November 2013

held on 5 November 2013 at Wembley Stadium

1. In opening the meeting, the Chairman noted with sadness the recent passing of Jim Simms (Leicestershire). He also welcomed Mike Penn (Birmingham FA) and Roy Schafer (Gloucestershire FA) to their first meeting.

2. Report from Neale Barry
a. Update received on the sessions undertaken by the FA Development Group and the plans for the future.
b. Rob McCarthy has been appointed as the Levels 3 + 2B Referee Coaching & Mentoring Manager.
c. 597 referees have attended the various Level 4 Nomination Seminars around the country. Neale needs 300 to get promoted for 2014/15.
d. He has attended 8 regional Supply League Assessors’ meetings.
e. Level 3 meetings are scheduled for November and when a Laws of the Game test will be undertaken as part of these meeting.

3. Report from Ian Blanchard
a. Total number of referees registered as at 25/09/13 was 27,155 plus 745 Level 10s. Equivalent figure of a year ago was 27,955.
b. Successful Advanced International Referee Instructors’ Course held at St Georges Park.
c. RA – FA Youth Council’s Inspired Fund for the year was launched yesterday.
d. New RDO in place in Leicestershire & Rutland FA.
e. Northumberland FA has a new part-time RDO.
f. A paper was presented on the Futsal Referee Development Programme.

4. Minutes of the RA – FA Youth Council meeting on 06/10/13 were received showing the extent of the really good work being undertaken by this enthusiastic and talented team.

5. Goal line technology in the Premier League / Wembley – this has not yet been used to adjudicate a goal in any game but the match officials are comfortable using the equipment.

6. IFAB Update – Neale noted the imminent change in structure of the work done to feed into IFAB; this being a positive move towards more transparency of operation.

7. Coloured Referees’ Shirts – there was a CFA clear preference to stay with black shirts. CFAs to be encouraged to enforce the ‘no dark shirts’ for teams rule.

8. There was a CFA clear preference for a promotion administration fee – it was agreed that CFAs would have the option to charge a fee, within a range, to be refunded if the promotion process is completed (regardless of whether promotion is achieved) or in extenuating circumstances.

9. It was noted that the Referee Regulations need amending in respect of reclassification appeals.
Next meeting – 12 February 2014

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