York FA Cup Final Referee Appointments

We are delighted to announce the following initial appointments to the York & District FA Cup Finals 2013. Congratulations to all who have received a cup final appointment.

Please note: alterations due to non-acceptance of these appointments will not be published here; details are correct of 26 March 2013.

Saturday Senior Cup

Saturday 4 May, 14:00ko, Tockwith
Referee: P. Cook
Assistant Referees: N. Hawksby & J. Sucheki
4th Official: D. Milburn

Saturday Junior Cup

Saturday 27 April, 14:00ko, Tockwith
Referee: J. Ham
Assistant Referees: B. Bishop & G. Boothman
4th Official: N. Stobert

Sunday Senior Cup

Sunday 28 April, 10:30ko, Wigginton
Referee: L. Howard
Assistant Referees: A. McAvoy & M. Butcher
4th Official: C. Cussans

Sunday Junior Cup

Sunday 28 April, 13:30ko, Wigginton
Referee: S. Bayley
Assistant Referees: E. Shiers, P. Burnitt
4th Official: S. Trimble

Under 19’s Cup

Sunday 21 April, 13:30ko, Tockwith
Referee: J. Unwin
Assistant Referees: J. Ballantyne & G. Hartley
4th Official: C. Simpson

Under 16’s Cup

Monday 6 May, 14:00ko, Tockwith
Referee: B. Stuart
Assistant Referees: A. Humphrys & C. Tune
4th Official: P. Hartley

Under 15’s Cup

Monday 6 May, 12:00ko, Tockwith
Referee: J. Unwin
Assistant Referees: M. Ellwood & A. Reeds
4th Official: R. Eyres

Under 14’s Cup

Wednesday 1 May, 19:30ko, York City FC
Referee: L. Smith
Assistant Referees: J. Hewitt & M. Copley
4th Official: C. Collins

Under 13’s Cup

Wednesday 1 May, 12:00ko, York City FC
Referee: D. Milburn
Assistant Referees: R. Simpson & B. Bishop
4th Official: A. McAvoy

Under 12’s Cup

Sunday 21 April, 11:00ko, Tockwith
Referee: C. Andrews
Assistant Referees: S. Fenwick & G. Petruso
4th Official: S. Hewitt

Under 11’s Cup

Monday 6 May, 10:30ko, Tockwith
Referee: A. Humphrys
Assistant Referees: J. Blades & W. Ravenhall
4th Official: C. Ledgeway

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